PCB Prototype Design and Process Development

Prototype Design Support
While we don't offer design services, we are always glad to provide designers support with their projects.  Alpha's technical support staff can work closely with designers and OEMs to help them design a PCB that increases both durability and manufacturing ability.  Further, we educate designers on primary cost drivers so that cost savings can be had via the initial design rather than through multiple iterations.  The goal is to build a board that meets all requirements of its life-cycle, while minimizing material and labor costs.

Fabrication Process Development
In today’s world, OEM’s and startups are constantly being forced to push the technological boundaries of PCB fabrication.  Alpha Circuit Coporation’ engineers are ready for any challenge.  Whether the design requires mechanically drilling .003” vias through a 4-layer flex, or building 6-layer parts with a .006” overall thickness, Alpha will work with its clients to dial in a consistent fabrication process.  The design will get full attention until process-realization is achieved.